Our Mission

Take the headaches out of owning Rental Properties with our Professional Property Management Services!

As property owners and Real Estate Professionals, we understand the difficulties in living away from the property you own. Our Full Service Property Management Division is designed to help homeowners with the efficient management of rental property, whether the owner lives nearby or far away. We take the headaches out of managing investment properties.

We are one of the few Professional Property Management Firms in our area of Florida that manages properties from Dade, Broward to Palm Beach County. Most local management firms do not cover all these areas.

Unified Property Services, Inc. has extensive experience in asset and property management. From acquisition through disposition, every effort will be taken to ensure maximization of cash flow and net sales value. It is our firm belief that an asset and/or property manager should “think, plan, and act” as an “extension” of ownership, for the benefit of the owner, and to be the primary resource to the owner for all asset and market related information. Focused on enhancing asset values, we provide property management services for a range of institutional and individual clients. With a keen eye we attempt to recognize all factors affecting the property’s value, including capital and market conditions. Our asset and property management services include developing for the owner a comprehensive asset strategy designed to maximize current cash flow. When engaged to act solely as an asset manager, we provide at a minimum, marketing strategies, appropriate property management firm selection, brokerage/leasing sales team selection, debt restructuring, loan payment services, construction from selection, real estate tax evaluations, asset analysis, budget preparation, monthly reporting, tenant relations, and the overseeing of all other aspects related to the implementation of the approved asset management plan including, but not limited to the following:

We collect rent, security deposits and late fees, escrow funds, screen applicants and reject the unqualified, execute leases, evict tenants, execute receipts for money received, disburse funds collected on behalf of the owner, and manage other duties that are customary and incidental to the efficient management of your property. You, as the owner, give our office, as your Property Manager, the right to institute repairs, if necessary, to engage labor, purchase materials, and pay for the same out of the funds collected on your behalf. (Repairs, except those of an emergency nature, over a pre-set dollar amount per item shall not be made without permission of the owner.) Unified Property Services, Inc. is the agent and representative of the Landlord/Owner of the Rental Properties we manage. We send you a computerized statement at the end of each month showing all funds collected and disbursed during the month. We perform all the above services for a low professional fee and a percentage of all rentals collected. Our Property Managers are actively seeking more Properties to manage. Call us and we will be glad to assist you.

We manage the day-to-day operations of your rental or investment property. Your involvement can be as much or as little as you decide. We handle it all from A-Z with the balance of your rent proceeds deposited directly to your account or by sending you a check. We manage all types of properties including the following:

Single Family Homes
Town Homes
Office Buildings
Strip Malls
Warehouse Buildings
Mini Storage complexes
Bank / REO Management Villas
Shopping Centers
Industrial Properties
Time Share Properties
Vacation Property Management

Unified Property Services Management’s Comprehensive Services include:

Aggressive collection of all rents and fees due

Payment of all bills, loans, maintenance, taxes, and insurance

Confidential record keeping

Professional management software for safeguarding the integrity of your investment

Complete accounting statements mailed by the 10th of each month

Money-saving preventative maintenance program

24-Hour maintenance emergency response, 7 days per week

Obtain appropriate bids for your property with access to our vast array of industry suppliers (or coordinate with your preferred vendors)

Prompt turnover of vacated units

Effectively market your property through our experience with various advertising outlets

Rigorous screening of prospective residents/tenants

Highly successful program for selecting and training on-site personnel

Enforcement of facility rules and regulations to keep pleasing curb appeal

Periodic market studies to help maximize your rental income

We provide a wide range of commercial property management services including being experienced at dealing with all aspects of the numerous occupational issues that can occur on a daily basis including Landlord & Tenant disputes. Our involvement is always client orientated. We provide a specialized management function to an existing range of clients varying from individual properties to entire operational or investment property portfolios. Our integrated commercial property management service to clients enables them to concentrate on their core business decisions backed by sound professional strategic management advice.

The objective is to enhance the value of your property portfolio or to improve the occupational demands on commercial and retail premises. We are fully aware of various aspects of commercial property management and the requirements of both the landlord and tenant. Through our professional approach, quality systems and ongoing communications and liaison with our clients, we are able to offer a valuable ongoing professional service. Many owners of commercial property entrust the management of their portfolios to a professional commercial property management service. We do the following as part of our full service property management:

Source and select tenants

Negotiate lease renewals

Bill and collect tenant rent

Negotiate lease agreements

Arrange for payment of all operating expenses after obtaining owner’s approval for amounts over predetermined limits

Arrange property insurance

Hire and supervise site staff, if required

Communicate with tenants as necessary

Collect revenue and pay expenses from trust account

Oversee owner approved renovations and upgrades to the property

Coordinate and supervise service contracts and trades work at the property

Attend to emergency issues

Provide detailed monthly accounting statements to the owner

Report on and review with owner any necessary capital repairs

We oversee the work by our maintenance technicians and service companies, arranging repairs, buying supplies, and hiring appropriate professionals is essential in controlling costs and ensuring quality workmanship. Over the years, we have developed a list of many qualified and reliable trades people, suppliers and professionals wanting to do business on a very competitive basis with UPS clients.

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