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Licensed as a real estate agent in 1978 and a broker in 1984 Sam Martiello has been serving his clients in Broward and Palm Beach counties for over 27 years. Sam opened his first property management firm in 1985 under the name of Martell Management Group. For 11 years he managed all types of residential, commercial and industrial properties including single family homes, villas, town homes, condominiums, apartment buildings, shopping centers, warehouse and industrial properties. What has always put his firm on the top of a small list of professional management firms is the firms strong stance on controlling costs. Many of his past clients knew that their bottom line was the BEST anyone could ever deliver. Our specialty was the conversion of distressed properties into full income producing properties. The ability to turn around a distressed property made him well known in the industry and soon they became the most sought after firm for property owners with hard to handle properties. Properties where studied and then a plan devised to turn the property around. The dedication they gave their clients, earned them a reputation of a “can do” firm.

Unified Property Sales, is a Full Service Real Estate and Property Management firm serving the South Florida market. No one firm can offer the professional and innovative service and dedication that our staff will provide you and your property. We invented the phase “we go the extra mile” by consistently providing unprecedented service to our clients. We employ the most talented professionals and invest in superior resources and technologies to provide our clients with innovative advice and bottom line results.



Unified Property Sales, Inc., offers a rare combination of unsurpassed local knowledge. Decisions made by people, not faceless committees. An exceptionally broad array of high-quality residential and commercial real estate services including property management, development, construction management, consulting for the sales and leasing of space, land sales, attractive syndication opportunities and asset management. Plus you get personal, responsive attention from our fully empowered professionals. All providing precisely what you’re looking for, real value from your real estate investment.



Our firm becomes an extension of yours, offering experienced professionalism to maximize the value of your investment. We believe in offering our clients a superior level of service, responsiveness and results. Most importantly, our ability to effectively respond to the entire range of property related issues is positively reflected in the bottom line of every project under our care. We think like owners, and we always maintain our “owners perspective.”



From Broward and the Palm Beaches, UPS will be a name that is synonymous with the broadest range of services and the highest professionalism in real estate. For 27 years we have served owners, investors and tenants through quality residential and commercial real estate services. We can do it all from sales, leasing and property management for all types of residential, commercial or industrial properties. We know the markets we serve and we apply this knowledge to ensure that you get top value from your real estate dollar.


Because we are locally owned and operated, you meet directly with decision-makers. We can respond promptly to your requests and close transactions quickly and efficiently. Further, once a deal is closed or a project is built, we can manage it to the highest standards maximizing your cash flow and property value over time. It is the long-term goal that is our mind set. Not “one deal today and gone tomorrow”. We strive for the long-term relationship.

Samuel J. Martiello Jr.

179 Cypress Avenue

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Property Management

We offer Full-service Property Management Palm Broward County firm. We provide all related services to real estate across the county; including but not limited to property maintenance, tenant procurement, monthly rent collection and inspections. whether you are investor looking for someone to handle the daily management of investment property, or a tenant looking for a place to live, you can trust us to deiliver the right Property Management in Palm Beach Cpunty services that you need.



We provide rental analysis comps report that will allow you get the most income out of the property you are renting out. With the best real estate brokerage experience by your side, we will perform an detailed rent analysis and compararison. Our rental analysis report is very detailed and will ensure you understand the market for the rental property. We advice on the right price to list for the quick turnaround for a tenant to move-in.


Residential Screening Services

As part of our residential management services, we will check potential tenants for criminal, eviction, and credit history along with their rental history, job history & verification, and lastly the income verification via bank statements and paystubs.


Condominiums and Homeowners Asociations Management

Regardless of you community’s size, our package of management services can be tailored to meet specific expectations and budgets.


Why choose us?

The work required by individual landlords can be unbearable at times and very time consuming and that’s where Unified Property Sales, Inc. We work harder to provide the highest quality residential and commercial services you can experience! We do all the work from handling rental licenses and city repair list, to meeting with the city inspectors and courthouse evictions. Attention to our tenants and clients is unmatched. Day or night, we provide excellent service to our clients and tenants. Doing all of this makes for a seamless Owner/Tenant/ Management relationship.


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