Background Checks and Tennant Evictions

We pre-screen all our tenants and check all previous rental histories to make sure we are not putting someone into one of our properties that will become a liability to our clients and to ourselves. Every prospective tenant pays first, last, and one month security deposit plus a $50.00 application fee that is used to run a full credit report with all findings submitted to our clients for there final review and approval if they so desire. We are determined to put only the best tenants in your property. If we take over a property with a tenant that is not paying on time we will upon the approval of our client start the eviction procedures to evict the tenant as soon as possible. If an eviction is processed we do proceed to the filing of a judgment against the tenants name that will be recorded in the local courthouse. It will then be part of public records and if they ever try to buy a home in the future the judgment will have to paid off prior to there closing.

Legal / CPA Services

We have working relationships with attorneys and CPA’s that will be available to assist you with whatever you need to have done. They are dedicated in providing our clients unprecedented service. Their staff offers our firm and clients top-notch service that will not be found elsewhere.