Unified Property Sales, Inc.

Welcome Tuesday, 20 de April de 2021

Unified Property Sales, Inc.
A Community Association Management Company
179 Cypress Avenue Pahokee, FL 33476
954-757-8223 954-206-1464

(Please initial indicating that all documents are enclosed or attached and return with your package)

Please read the instruction sheet carefully. Please print and write legibly on all forms, filling out all requested information. Where it's not applicable, please put n/a. When corresponding by email regarding this transaction you must put the property address in the subject line. The Application and all supporting documents, including proof of application fee, must be submitted at the same time. Incomplete applications will be DENIED and you will be advised to resubmit the application in it's entirety.

Applicant Initials

1. Application for Occupancy Form
2. Application for Occupancy Form Clear photocopy of their Driver's License or government issued identification for all applicants & Social Security Card - IN COLOR
3. Credit Authorization - signed
4. Proof of Income, Benefits or Pension - i.e. Last three (3) pay stubs, Bank Statements or Proof of Pension
5. Registrations for all vehicles to be parked on property
6. Warning letter - signed

Non Refundable Application fee is $75.00 per applicant, per tenant over 18 years of age. Married couples with the same last name will only pay $75.00 Married couples with different last names must pay two separate fees of $50.00 each
Personal checks are not accepted.
1. If the package is being mailed or brought to our office - only Money orders or Bank Cashier Check made payable to:
2. Unified Property Sales
3. You may also make the application fee deposit into our Bank of America Unified Property Sales, Account 898077770368 or transferring the funds via the Zelle App email to be used is rentals@upsblue.com

Please note: **INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED** Processing time does not start until a COMPLETE application is received along with the Application Fee.
Complete packages to:
Emailed to rentals @upsblue.com
Mailed to: 179 Cypress Avenue Pahokee, FL 33476.